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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.


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Not all children

Child learns to walkIf a child has learned to sit and crawl on all fours, this means that very soon he will go

Frankly about childbirth

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Infectious disease

If the mother requires hospitalization, feeding should be temporarily interrupted while breastfeeding should be maintained

Can compete

So, again, if your breasts are small (and not very responsive to stimulation)Edited and published on the site: PRESSI (HERSON)You can go without a bra

The doctor

Is important early recognition of this complication

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Have you noticed

Many mothers after childbirth varies qualitative composition of sex hormones (eg, estrogen), which is normalized with the restoration of the menstrual cycle

Proper Feeding

Proper FeedingFor proper breastfeeding management must observe the following conditions:O R m and t s p e b e n k and n o t r e b o a n w and l and d and g and h e o f about with o b e n tio n n e r in about e in p m e i d e to o and p to o l m n e t to about l o n a l a w and f and t i.H e and s b e d a s t h n n o u t to o m p l e n d, t and to and to a h n o w s and n t e n s and n o p in s t a b a s e c a t i o r p m o n p r o l a c t and n, o r in e t t e a n n s d s and l and to t and u and w; to about p m e t o d o, n o h n s e to o p l m e n and I n o h t and with a l w h and m in about z m F o n of a t s n o in o th b e r e m e n n o a m and a n e p at about m n o n y n n and k o m p l e n i.About b m s c a r s g p y and d p e r c e to o p l m n e m p o n a h a l y with m i g k and m s m l o m, h e r e s n and p have n e e l s m o n o f p r o s t o h and t of th e in on of th.O R m and t s p e b e n to a in m and m and n e, w e l a t o m e n o n e n s o r c a p and I and Dr

Daily demand - about

If you live in an area that lacks iodine, salt, you may eat, should be iodized, and the diet is desirable marine fish, seafood, seaweed

Mood for some depressed, almost

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to the appearance of the skin on the palms of small red spider veins

Yellow painted on top pencil

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21-22th week. An intensive

Moms-vegetarians, watch level of iron in the blood.The kid in the fifth month19-20th week

According to him, he always

common-law husband

The left one bed room

husband, already at the door, giving their advice and recommendations onour personal lives

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TeethingWhen teething, can hurt the gums

Vitamin C dissolves

In addition, vitamin C improves the body's immune defenses, anti-inflammatory effect, reduces the negative impact on the body to allergens, increases stamina in stressful situations.Vitamin C dissolves in water almost completely destroyed by heat treatment

Because when

Then bore my girlfriend, and now already I has become source information on its questions "As that do if ..

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Terms of artificial feeding1

First, she told the kid that

so again gave him a glass

Do not bring products

Excess sweet also can contribute to the emergence of a diathesis, and even diabetes

If the seal, redness

If after vaccination fever, worsened general condition kid, you should refrain from swimming and walking

Beauty breast

Beauty breastHere are some simple exercises that will help keep chest high.X on d s b a n a m e s t e with ld of a p e m e n n s m and p y in g of m and s and d in g e n i m and p have to in p l e h e a s x with y s t a c a n h e r e d and n and s and d n of 8-12 p and s in to a d o w m n a p r and l e n u.With t about me, about a n y p y to y n o d n and m and m e in e in p x

The main principle

Vaccinations and allergic diseasesSufficiently frequent pathologies in the first year of life are allergies: food allergy, asthma, etc

In a d n and I n a b s o s t r o d o in about

In a d n and I n a b s o s t r o d o in about th d e t e l i s n o s t u;to l and n and h e i s and y and z to y t and s;s and W o l e a n i and with about a ton of I n and I n e s i s in a n n e s with b e r e m e n n o s t s w, n and p to o t o p u t n and g p y s to and from e t e a t e a n s n x p o d on in Mr

Turning his head

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Going into this huge

began "The Flood", I would have absolutely Sun power!Birthing was about five meters from theantenatal ward

And it happens

Infectious diseases of the vaginaThese diseases rank first among all obstetricgynecological diseases

Nevertheless, it is enough

Daily dose of nicotinic acid for pregnant women is 17-20 mg

Put her so she could

continued to praise him and returned him to the glassAs long as the baby does not drink almost anything

In general, the fact

droopy ears with protruding ears, and small shiftyeyes

Another embodiment

Air bathAir bath - first and most natural hardening

A few days later

said: "Look here! Now type in the Internet "beerFrankly about childbirthWant babyuseful "and you'll read about the benefits of beer." And he got thisphrase, and the Internet has given him a bunch of articles, "beer is not useful,""Beer is not helpful ..." Then he said that you can phrasechange, for example, "the beer is not bad," and the Internet againissued a "bad beer ..

This operational

This operational method has disadvantages, for example,"Wet" lungs of the child (in natural childbirth,when the baby passes the birth canal, theresqueezing of the body, whereby lightspontaneously cleared of liquid), but there arepositives: You will not experience the painwhich is known for parous women, you will not breakher crotch or not you nadrezhut, you willbe under strict supervision of experts

Dubbed sacramental

Dubbed sacramental , but your kid anybody anything not must ! And norm - it only the arithmetic mean , and not обязательные для вашего малыша параметры

From the transparent

Personally, I first option seems the easiest.There is another, but not a very reliable method of determining the period: primiparous women feel the first stirring at 20 weeks, multiparous - two weeks earlierCalendar Your Baby imageDay "Zero." So, congratulations: you are expecting a baby! ..The first few days

P and with

P and with a l s t a b e a s

Image 13. Lie on your


A r o d e d o m n and p n o p q r s to x and to the fo rm and t s and s with

a r o d e d o m n and p n o p q r s to x and to the fo rm and t s and s with oscow and (e s l e t o and n e o b y s l o s s n o m e d and n and n with k and m and n and s on to a n and m).C d e b y d e t n and x of d and t s e p a i b e n o to - in ld of th n and l and m e a m a m o d, t o d e l s n o and l and m o n o f n and p m e i o n o t s and t s m a l s u and d e t i s o f o r l d e n e? A y w h e m and m s and m p r o d and fo r m and n s w h a n o n e r e n, p and q in R and m and n and s t r a and r and d e s a n a t o, t h o s in b y d e t e a m e s t e d n and O to about ead of th m and m e a s l e r o d o in h y s t a y e a t e b i n with m and about l to about y s t e w and y, t h o n o s t i o n s d s to p and m and l d e n c and s s s e c a t have n ee

Lying on your back, put your


Object irritation

The child will be born dead if pregnant before giving birth shave hair (they vitality), or draw a portrait of her in the family shake their empty cradle.But some signs promised happiness and luck

Chives wash and chop. Meat

Cooked meat is put in a dish, arrange slices of cucumber, decorate with parsley sprigs and serve

In This time I was put to the House

nervous, something to peep in their records

Unlike powder

- Liquid talc

But a tool such as magnesia, is completely

o f l o h n and I m and n e r a l s n and I in about ou b e h g and h and;- Milk at room temperature;- Jelly.ConstipationThe most effective remedy for heartburn is "Almagel" pregnant but it is better not to use, as it can cause constipation and reduce the absorption of calcium

Each movement

Hardening water: rubdownFurther stage of tempering water should be sponging

Frankly about


I did just that. When


Take your things

waited."Take your things and come to the child" - continuedshe said.I like mad, grabbed their bags and ranthe corridor, at the end of which, at the door, saw my mother

Although that

and go on paying the salaries of the medical staff,involved in childbirth, and to repair the building, and a newequipment

For this reason, prepare

For a child in the hospital

Straighten - exhale. Repeat

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Chrome Its content

I'm about to - 0.06;n e h e n s g on in I'll s I - 0.04;g of I d in g th - 0,022;- Chicken - 0,020.Selenium deficiency can cause anemia, heart irregularities, various complications during childbirth, impaired growth and bone formation of the fetus.ChromeIts content in the body is extremely small: just 6.12 micrograms, but it is also required by the body

T r and s in s e r o b I'm about

t r and s in s e r o b I'm about to about to p n e and u and a and b r a l o t o n o r o

E n ??t r y and w to and y to p o p a, m O il and p and r s t o m e n o f) - 200 g; x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k; I n d s - 200 g; - green

e n ??t r y and w to and y to p o p a, m O il and p and r s t o m e n o f) - 200 g;x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k;I n d s - 200 g;- green tea - 200 ml

P r o m e n o w s t s, with

p r o m e n o w s t s, with F o m e and m i n n and n s

The room temperature

p r o in o d and t s p r o c e d u p y m o n o f t about l to about with e n o l and with and to o n e h n o s t and n e r o n t e n s eE with l and p e b e n o to of A ir d e n in s p a b o r a t s p o l o w and m o m e n in th e p and q and w to n and z and to a liter and a n and fn e y e a s t a i m o n o w n l o y h and t b s p o n s a t th e Ioffe to that and to the T g e p a c e n o and n e p r e p e a n eTempering airThe first way - room ventilation


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