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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.


Have you noticed

Many mothers after childbirth varies qualitative composition of sex hormones (eg, estrogen), which is normalized with the restoration of the menstrual cycle. Because of this, you may suddenly feel the symptoms that are often defined fashionable phrase "premenstrual syndrome", which, in its turn, is akin to the sensation of menopause: increased sweating, irritability, headache, tendency to fluid retention and edema, etc. (Did you feel something like that on the eve of the first day of menstruation. Personally, I do not look at the calendar: if I started suddenly for no apparent reason to drop things, feeling sorry for yourself, think how unhappy I am, it's time to check on whether my napkin.)

Levels of estrogen affects the hair. Have you noticed that during pregnancy she became more elaborate? This is because the hormones contributed to the increase in life expectancy of the hair (they have less to fall out). But now the hair may fall out actively.

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Proper Feeding

Proper Feeding

For proper breastfeeding management must observe the following conditions:

O R m and t s p e b e n k and n o t r e b o a n w and l and d and g and h e o f about with o b e n tio n n e r in about e in p m e i

d e to o and p to o l m n e t to about l o n a l a w and f and t i.

H e and s b e d a s t h n n o u t to o m p l e n d, t and to and to a h n o w s and n t e n s and n o p in s t a b a s e c a t i

o r p m o n p r o l a c t and n, o r in e t t e a n n s d s and l and to t and u and w; to about p m e t o d o, n o h n s e

to o p l m e n and I n o h t and with a l w h and m in about z m F o n of a t s n o in o th b e r e m e n n o a m and a n e p at about m

n o n y n n and k o m p l e n i.

About b m s c a r s g p y and d p e r c e to o p l m n e m p o n a h a l y with m i g k and m s m l o m, h e r e s n and p have

n e e l s m o n o f p r o s t o h and t of th e in on of th.

O R m and t s p e b e n to a in m and m and n e, w e l a t o m e n o n e n s o r c a p and I and Dr. Mr. and m

. . . .

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Daily demand - about

If you live in an area that lacks iodine, salt, you may eat, should be iodized, and the diet is desirable marine fish, seafood, seaweed. With long-term storage and thermal processing most of the iodine is destroyed.

Daily requirement - at least 0,175 mg.

Zinc is essential for human insulin. Furthermore, it is included in the composition of certain enzymes. Zinc deficiency can cause anomalies of the central nervous system of the child, the excess can lead to premature birth.

Contained in seafood, liver, meat, eggs.

Daily demand - about 20 mg.

Salt and water

These two substances are casually together. The fact is that for you, especially in the last months of pregnancy, it is very important the water-salt balance. Salt contributes to fluid retention in the body, because if a lot of liquid, appear edema.

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Mood for some depressed, almost

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to the appearance of the skin on the palms of small red spider veins. After giving birth, they disappear.

Calendar of my mother's health

So you are changing, and this can not be helped. Let's look at more months, and feeling of malaise which can meet you on the long road to your baby. I ask you in advance not to be afraid: it may well be that you do not feel any of the following symptoms or will not feel them so much that they have caused you so much trouble. Only some of them may indicate some internal faults, the majority - are quite common, many people - not painful, some even pleasant. / / - The first (calendar) month - / /

You may not have guessed that pregnant, but inside you already started work.

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Yellow painted on top pencil

get down to business, first bought a magazine, then cut out

Pictures on the topics that interested me particularly

(Two-storey house, car TOYOTA RAV,

cute guy who holding his son close

the same slim and pretty girl, a swimming pool, kitchen

about forty square meters with twists, beaches

southern countries, and so forth). All this folded nicely on Whatman

and taped. Changed the face of guys on the face of her husband,

faces of the girls - on their own, by cutting them from the pre-

selected images. Yellow painted on top

pencil bright sun, blue - blue sky and hung

on the wall. It was very - very nice and bright. Cyril

expected me to this mistress, called "very clever" and

said that now I think correctly.

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21-22th week. An intensive

Moms-vegetarians, watch level of iron in the blood.

The kid in the fifth month

19-20th week. Almost all the work involved in the endocrine glands. Begins to perform their duties spleen. That it becomes a "factory" of lymphocytes and monocytes, sorts out defective red blood cells and destroys them.

Child actively moves in response, for example, deficiency of oxygen.

Outwardly, he is not very attractive: intense red skin covered in wrinkles, but still covered with a special substance - vernix caseosa. This cheesy whitish substance is a mixture of secretions

sebaceous glands and the epidermis flakes. Particularly densely covers it the scalp, face, behind ears, creases and folds arms and legs.

21-22th week.

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