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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.


Put her so she could

continued to praise him and returned him to the glass

As long as the baby does not drink almost anything. Then wives

ness down her juice and said, "Mickey, let's give

drink doll. You want to help the doll to drink? "Mick

ki said that he wants.

Mrs. James gave him a doll and plastic

vuyu bottle with water. "Mickey, give the doll a drink. Ho


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In general, the fact

droopy ears with protruding ears, and small shifty

eyes. Her hair color was dirty, greasy,

so bright. She pulled them on vintage blue

More of my grandmother's ring times. I recognized her immediately. It

lying in the House of pathology at the same time as me. I remember how

going into his room, she said other pregnant: "Well,

that mandate ...

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Another embodiment

Air bath

Air bath - first and most natural hardening. can leave toddler in time changing naked, first on a minute, through Couple days for 3 minutes, further through two day - for 5 minutes. After months baby can dwell without odezhki to 15 minutes in those temperature conditions of which I wrote above. Another embodiment - when you shoot at the same time with child All clothes, and let kid gets pleasure from sensation of coolness and freshness.


Morning procedures better conduct so as to baby was stripped. You got up, made ??"potyagushki" stripped toddler naked in the bathroom washed his warm some water, such same Changeling ass through a couple of days doing vodichku slightly cooler through two day more cooler, thus , the days 10-15 you will wash the baby almost cold water, ass wash away a little more warm.

. .

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A few days later

said: "Look here! Now type in the Internet "beer

Frankly about childbirth

Want baby

useful "and you'll read about the benefits of beer." And he got this

phrase, and the Internet has given him a bunch of articles, "beer is not useful,"

"Beer is not helpful ..." Then he said that you can phrase

change, for example, "the beer is not bad," and the Internet again

issued a "bad beer ... beer is harmful ..." It was clear that my

Bull (husband sign) does not want to give up drinking beer.

A few days later Kirill offered me

watch a video about the harm of beer. It was a great

plot, it thoroughly talked about part of the beer and its

impact both on the male and on the female body.

Impression of the review was big! My husband

stopped drinking beer and alcohol, since it was for him

enemy number one! At the same time we switched to a healthy

Nutrition: ate oatmeal in the morning, during the day consumed

. . . .

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This operational

This operational method has disadvantages, for example,

"Wet" lungs of the child (in natural childbirth,

when the baby passes the birth canal, there

squeezing of the body, whereby light

spontaneously cleared of liquid), but there are

positives: You will not experience the pain

which is known for parous women, you will not break

her crotch or not you nadrezhut, you will

be under strict supervision of experts. A

I also learned recently that if the first time bore

itself, in the second birth will also give birth to itself! On

Cesarean nobody will give you permission (only if

testimony on life).

. Do not be surprised if at admission to the hospital

nurse will check you for any lice (ie

. . . .

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Dubbed sacramental

Dubbed sacramental , but your kid anybody anything not must ! And norm - it only the arithmetic mean , and not обязательные для вашего малыша параметры . Каждый ребенок спит and awake different , individual to He , the amount of time . But Momma same creatures restless , so here you exposure from norms . Not for orientation , and just that you not searched this information where - what else : sleep 2-3 hours , wake - 30-60 minutes .

Change whether night diapers ?

If baby worries , then change , if not , then not need ! If all - did change , then better this do before feeding : so , if he is dissatisfied with the procedure , food its calm , and he , already does not alarmed , falls asleep .

In how better lay baby sleep on night ?

And my child , and many children of my friends in first month life preferred " to leave in sleep " about midnight . Observe , as will easy your kid , and about to this time priurochte all rituals . Naturally , not must comply all on hours , deviations from mode always will present .

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From the transparent

Personally, I first option seems the easiest.

There is another, but not a very reliable method of determining the period: primiparous women feel the first stirring at 20 weeks, multiparous - two weeks earlier

Calendar Your Baby


Day "Zero." So, congratulations: you are expecting a baby! ..

The first few days. After 10-12 hours after fusion egg begins to break up, while gradually moving through the pipe. From the transparent membrane that protects it from bothersome sperm, it gets rid of the road. Now it is named as an egg, and new fragmentation occur in it about once or twice a day. Advancing along the pipe, as before, performed by peristaltic contractions of the pipe wall and flicker epithelium.

. .

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